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Running an Ecommerce store is hard. Building, maintaining and updating the ecommerce software solution is a pain. Most store owners focus on the Website Layout, Seo, Infrastructure, keep the site up and running without issue, securing it etc whereas they should focus selling their manufactured products in an intuitive way. That’s why we built Vilara Seller Store.

We learnt the pain and built the solution for our own daily operational challenges by running our leading fashion marketplace Voonik.com right from customer acquisition to order / sales to customer retention etc thereby building a sustainable business for the past 5 years successfully. You as a seller need not go through all the pain we have gone through. We have made it Simple for you. Our Vilara Seller Store platform will support you for running any kind of ecommerce store such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Electronics, Books or literally that can be sold online under the sun. We have made it easy for you to collect online & COD payments, integrate with logistics partner for pickup, delivery and returns etc from your own customers.

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